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Greg Barber Company, Inc
105 Franklin Street
Northport, NY 11768
Cell: 973 224 1132

6 AM - 10 PM Eastern Standard Time

Why is Sustainability Chlorine Free Important

Our environment deserves all of us to be cognizant of our present and future generations. To be sustainable is to make conscious decisions not to waste our resources. To be Chlorine Free is to eliminate toxic chemicals from poisoning our Fish, Our Wildlife and Us.
Eco Friendly Printer, features 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. That means the paper was made from previously printed paper and not from new trees. It saves our environment energy and water to make 100% PCW paper, and it keeps the printed paper from going to our over-crowded landfills.

Our featured papers are made Dioxin Free, and thus we eliminate the possibility of creating cancer from these chemicals. The quality of our printing using 100% PCW & 100% PCF papers is excellent. The price range of our papers, make it possible to be competitive with most minimum recycled grades . We can be found by visiting our website at

What inspired you to go this route?

I saw middle school kids celebrate the 20th anniversary of Earth Day in 1990. They promoted cleaning up our environment, and I was hooked by their enthusiasm. I chose to be the most environmental in my paper and printing choices. Featuring 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and soy inks and nontoxic toner. I was really motivated by the kids and am glad I followed through with their commitment to clean our environment.

What paper do we use?

I am a member of the Chlorine Free Products Association and chose to feature paper certified by them to be 100% PCF and 100% PCW. The grades I chose included Neenah’s Environment PC 100 and Cascade’s Enviro. Since then, we have added Neenah’s Classic lines that are 100%PCW and 100% PCF.