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Greg Barber Company, Inc
105 Franklin Street
Northport, NY 11768
Cell: 973 224 1132

6 AM - 10 PM Eastern Standard Time


Go Green.

I went Green in my printing at the 20th anniversary
of Earth Day, 1990.

Green Printing by a Green Printer.

What's that? Being a Green Eco Friendly Printer is fairly easy to do. Here is what we do to be a Green Printer.

We choose to use Soy Based inks instead of 100% oil based inks.
We choose to use 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Paper.
We choose to use 100% Processed Chlorine Free Recycled Paper.
We choose to replace plastic based substrates with TerraSkin for waterproof labels.
We choose to use polypropylene based Window Clings instead of PVC.
We choose to think Green and avoid paper waste when designing a brochure,
We choose to encourage Green Printing by running coop print runs.
We choose to stock Eco Friendly Paper for rush work.
We choose to print digitally when it saves paper, time, and money.
We choose to promote 100% Non Toxic Toner which is very Green.

And, we encourage our clients to go to our Home Page and click Environmental Questions &
Answers for over (50) ways to be a Green Print Buyer.

We also encourage our clients to use our online Swatch Book to pick the best Green Recycled Papers.

Please call me at 973 224 1132 for advice on your next Green Printing Project.

We have a lot of successful print projects from Coke to Earth Pledge the UN, and everyday Environmental Entrepreneurs.

Enjoy viewing some of our printed samples that we we've done over the years and think will impress you!

Greg Barber
973 224 1132

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